Web services

DancesportInfo is currently the world's leading website on information about ballroom and latin-american dancing. It provides results from the larger competitions in the world, and through a complex marriage of an SQL database and Microsoft's newest .NET technologies, provides statistical data and cross-linking to make information accesible and precise.
Web Design and Hosting
Controtex Ltd. has a team which specialises in web design, and a dedicated server for hosting. For a competitively low monthly fee, we offer a service where our team designs your webpage to your specifications, using the W3C's newest recommendations and Microsoft's .NET technology, we host this on our server with no limits as to bandwidth or diskspace, we (optionally) register a domain name for you (e.g. www.yourname.com), and we maintain this site for the duration of your subscription. We believe that there is no matching offer anywhere on the web. Examples of our design are: Expressions of Dance and Drama, Expressions Dancewear, Dancesport.UK Shop, Alex and Lisa Ivanets, the World ranking components used by WDC World Dance Council and others.

DVD authoring

Discover dance
Discover Dance (consisting of Discover Ballroom and Discover Latin) is a series of dance courses on DVD. We have designed and implemented a truly interactive course using DVD technology to highest extent. Due to our highly cutomisable, interactive environment, you can design your own personalised dance course using nothing more than your own DVD remote control. For more information, visit the Discover Dance website.

Custom made software, tailored to your needs

Royal Academy Of Arts (London, UK)
The Royal Academy of Arts is one of our repeat clients. The Summer Exhibition is the biggest exhibition organised by RAA every summer. The RAA displays about 1500 new pieces of art from well known, and not so well known artists from around the world.
This Summer Exhibition is the main source of income for this prestigous institution. The whole computerized process, from maintaining artists' forms, to catalouging the art collection, to the received artwork qualification process has now been done by software totally designed, written, implemented and deployed by Controtex Ltd. for two years in a row. Previously, they had needed a database of their sponsors and an application to maintain them. A specific requirement was MS Access. We provided a database in MS Access and a maintenance application in Visual Basic.
Barclays plc, CSFB and DKB
Barclays plc, CSFB and DKB are examples of our financial sector customers. We have been involved in designing, creating and implementing various financial applications used by them, e.g. in pricing, futures, options etc.
Imtech is a USA based company, who offers large scale video and data display. We provided them with a set of COM/ActiveX components (driver-level) incorporated within their Activu system - visual connectivity and control for trading floors, control rooms and corporate communications.